1. How Much Should an E-Commerce Video Cost?

    By Mike Britton, Executive Vice President – BTP Media In my previous blog post we discovered a quick way to determine which type of ecommerce video is right for your particular company and product – either Lifestyle/Aspirational, Branded/Informational or Product Feature and Benefit. After determ…Read More


    Or At Least They Shouldn’t Be By Mike Britton, Executive Vice President – BTP Media When I started producing ecommerce product videos 10 years ago the question most asked by a Retailer or Manufacturer was, “Why do I need a product video on my website?” A decade later, that’s not even remot…Read More

  3. Veteran Producer Mike Britton Joins BTP Media

      Beyond the Porch Productions is excited to officially announce the addition of Mike Britton to the BTP Media Team! Mike joins BTP Media as the new Executive Vice President, bringing with him decades of innovation and video production experience. After nearly 10 years of creating, developing and m…Read More

  4. Welcome!

    Welcome to the new BTP Media website! Stay tuned for updates...…Read More